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African PRIDE Centre is a grassroots-oriented not-for-profit organization founded in Kenya in 2007. We pride in disruptive innovation, and drive the specifics of duty to humanity by developing, in participatory ways, interventions that combat poverty, hunger, disease, and environmental degradation. We undertake our work through two approaches: Program Work, and Consultancy Work. The later helps us get resources for the former. We have over time developed enormous competencies in such spheres as Livelihoods, Climate Change, Policy, Gender Human Rights, Quality Basic Education, Constitutionalism, Organizational Development, Community Frameworks, Children’s Rights, Strategy, Political Participation, etc., and are highly competent in Curriculum Development and Reviews; Publishing/Printing; Research/Baselines; Monitoring & Evaluation; Report Writing, Reviewing, Editing, and Proofreading; Facilitation; Rappoteuring; Mentorship; Team-Building; Incubation; and Branding.


African communities better able to innovative and implement robust solutions to hunger, poverty, and disease, and are critically conscious of environmental health.


To kindle and strengthen innovation and implementation of robust solutions to hunger, poverty, disease, and to foster environmental stewardship in African communities.


  1. Serve with integrity
  2. 2. Be prudent
  3. 3. Build lasting relationships
  4. Create opportunities
  5. Excel as a passionate team

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