The emotional, social, and physical development of young children correlates positively with their overall development and the kind of adult they eventually become. Families also start conditioning girls and boys to take on different roles and behaviour, based on local norms, values, and traditions right from birth. This is why investing in young children is therefore very important. Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) is essential in this, as it helps to maximise the future well being of children.

ECDE is part of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is recognised as critical not only for human developed, but also for sustainable development. Unfortunately, many people in poorer and marginalised communities have not appreciated the importance of ECDE. African PRIDE Centre undertakes projects aimed at remedying this. Find out more about these projects, and how you could support, by contacting us through ask@africanpridecentre.org


Women are a critical pillar to peace, security, and sustainable development. They hold the most intimate knowledge of their sons, brothers, and husbands in their (women) capacities as wives, sisters, and mothers. This needs to be taken into consideration when designing interventions on sustainable development, including its underpinning peace and security considerations. Gender inequality and its associated high levels of poverty, hunger, and malnutrition limit this.

Indeed, most communities in Kenya that have a history of marginalisation could easily be characterised by acute levels of poverty, hunger, and malnutrition. Malnutrition is a serious health concern, and has such nutritional problems as Vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A deficiency restricts growth, weakens immunity and eyesight, and contributes to increased childhood mortality. In women, Vitamin A deficiency causes miscarriage of pregnancies. Hunger, on the other hand, breeds Gender-Based Violence (GBV), which in turn perpetuates hunger and child malnutrition. These impact on the education of children in these communities. In remedy, African PRIDE Centre has designed targeted projects to empower women and youths as community transformation agents. The projects focus on issues of peace and security (including combating violent extremism), responses to GBV, afforestation, alternative occupations, smart farming (including farming of orange-fleshed sweet potatoes), briquetting, etc. Find out more about these projects, and how you could support, by contacting us through ask@africanpridecentre.org


Unemployment among women and youths has never before been as high as it is now. Yet at African PRIDE Centre, we are convinced that there has never been a better time to be young, or a woman than this. The world is bursting with opportunities, and every day, new interventions that answer questions we had never thought to ask are emerging. It is time to tackle women and youth unemployment in this spirit. At African PRIDE Centre, we challenge women and youths to stop asking “why me?” by fostering a mindset that is positive in outlook and global in ambition. We challenge women and youths to appreciate that the ‘job-for-life’ has gone – but opened up new opportunities. We nurture such rewarding talents as performing arts, bodybuilding, martial arts, and online jobs, among others. The famous Mtumishi and Mchungaji duo that entertain Kenyans on local TV stations are just but a small example of how our performing arts portfolio is transforming lives. Body-builders that train at African PRIDE Centre are demanded in major entertainment areas to keep order. At grassroots level, women and youths are engaging in such alternative occupations as briquetting, horticulture, chicken farming, as well as farming and value addition on orange-fleshed sweet potatoes. Find out more about the alternative occupations, and how you could support, by contacting us through ask@africanpridecentre.org


Energy supplies are entering a period of significant transition. They are moving from a situation where using cheap fossil fuels has been acceptable and, climate change and oil peak were not a concern, to a future that will have large proportions of renewable energy sources. Community-owned renewable energy generation is a critical pillar of this transition. It ensures that communities redeem their ecological footprints by lessening the impact of climate change, and helps money associated with energy use to stay local. African PRIDE Centre, in collaboration with communities, designs and implements projects in this arena. Find out more about these projects, and how you could support, by contacting us through ask@africanpridecentre.org

Financing Our Work

Our work is made possible through grants-in-aid sources from development partners and donations from other well-wishers (including individuals and the private sector). Lately, however, attracting funding from development partners, the private sector, and individuals has been slow. This prompted us to start offering consultancy services, the proceeds of which 40% is channeled to support our social development interventions, while 60% is paid out to the individual consultants that undertake the given consultancy task. This approach to raising funds for our work is attracting significant interest among various subject experts, particularly women and youths who would like to give back to society in an innovative way.


Children in the last 5% to 10% segment of the economic strata in many African communities are the hardest to reach toward ensuring 100 percent access to education. Some are orphaned, and even with free education, cannot meet the other educational requirements. These need our help. Support in sponsoring one or more such children to transform their lives.


We are always receptive to like-minded persons eager to share in our passion. Volunteer and be part of the team and give back to community in an innovative way!

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